The history of Garden Home School, 1912 to 1982

Garden Home School was established in 1912 and officially closed in 1982. The facility is now the Garden Home Recreation Center operated by the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District.

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1982 Closing of Garden Home School (final day)

For the full story about the 1982 closing of Garden Home School, read our The Closing of Garden Home Elementary School story.

Garden Home School bell

1957-1958 Garden Home School Yearbook

Lynn Couch sent us a scan of his 1957-1958 Garden Home School yearbook (PDF). Thanks, Lynn!

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9 Responses to The history of Garden Home School, 1912 to 1982

  1. Mike Norris says:

    Aerial photo identified as 1957 probably 1954, I graduated class 1957, throckmorton store had burned, shopping center was fairly new, etc.

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  8. gardenhomehistoryproject says:

    We received the following message via email:

    I attended Garden Home School between the years 1964-1969 (or very close to those years), and I remember some terrific teachers that I was fortunate enough to have- especially Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Munson and possibly Mrs. Watson? Unfortunately, I am not certain of the spelling of their names.

    It was a great school and I had a ton of fun playing four-square, tetherball, and playing in the forested area of the playground. “Bombardment” on rainy days in the gym was by far my favorite memory, along with the hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes served occasionally for lunch.

    I remember becoming a crossing guard for kids and others at the intersection out in front of the school the last year I attended Garden Home which I would guess was probably around 1968-69? I also recall on my last day at Garden Home School; I shinnied up a pole and rang the school bell with my hand and I am pretty sure there were some angry teachers and principal who were probably thankful it was my last day attending Garden Home School.

    Thank you,
    Jim Spagle

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