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Your support helps us in our mission to research, educate and celebrate our 150 year history.  We also encourage you to get involved in our activities.

The Garden Home History Project is registered as a nonprofit with State and Federal offices through the 501(c)(3) rules. Our Officers and Board of Directors are guided by our By Laws. Our mission is to document and share the history of Garden Home.

Our expenses include events, publications, research, printing, mailings and website expenses. We send our newsletters and emails out to well over 400 Garden Home friends. We generate income from your donations and the sale of calendars, Christmas Bazaar sales, and vintage photo note cards.

How to send payment or donations

Include a note with your name, address and email. Tell us if you’re ordering a calendar ($12) or note cards ($10), subscribing to the printed gazette ($10), sponsoring a street sign ($65), or just donating to the project ($optional). The Garden Home History Project is a non-profit volunteer group.

Make checks payable to:
GHHP/Marie Pacella
Mail to:
Garden Home History Project
c/o Marie Pacella
7240 S.W. 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97223

Subscribe to the Gazette

Garden Home History Gazette

To receive The Garden Home History Gazette (PDF) by email, send us an email at, and ask to receive it. It’s free! Or, you can subscribe to the printed edition by US Mail for $10 per year.

Sponsor a street signpost placard


Historic Garden Home street sign

Help sponsor a Historic Garden Home street sign placard. Send a check for $65 along with the location of the sign you wish to have placed.  If you wish the sign to be in honor or memory of a family or individual, include their names.  These will be documented on the website and occasionally on the History Bulletin Board. Click here for a map of the 27 street sign locations (as of March, 2015). Or click here to view a photo gallery of the signs.

Buy past Garden Home calendars

2014 and 2013 Calendars

Calendars recycle at 6 and 11 year periods which makes the 2013 calendar exactly the same as the 2019 calendar, except for the Easter and Hanukkah holidays. This calendar highlights various neighborhoods such as Westgard (87th), the Stewart St. area, Fogelbo, Oleson. The 2014 calendar features photos and stories of the early school, library, SW Oleson Road remodel, shopping center, Post Office, train station and more. The calendars can be mailed for $5 each or picked up in Garden Home for $3 at our events.


Help support the mission of the Garden Home History Project by mailing us a check. Please include your email address to receive the gazette and announcements.

Donate to join the club!

Fanno Creek Club $10 Oleson Gardens Club $25
Oregon Electric Club $50 Hunt Club $100

Please include your email address for newsletters and announcements.

THANK YOU to all of the following donors. Donations made in honor or memory are indicated in italics.

2018 Donors

Hunt Club Billie Marx
Sybil Grissom
Sharon & Bob Cram
Esta Mapes
Vlasta Becvar Barber
Sybil Grissom
Sybil Grissom (in memory of Billie Herzog Marx & Delores Jarvis)
Don Dunbar (in honor of Elaine Shreve)
Richard Roth
Matthew C. Turay, DMD
Darrell MacKay*
Elaine Shreve* in-kind donations
Oregon Electric Club Alta Hansen
Jan & Shirley Bartels
Anne Olson
Oleson Gardens Club Paul Norman
Pam Lahrs
Fanno Creek Club Donald Krom

2017 Donors

Hunt Club Vlasta Barber
Billie Marx
Virginia Vanture
Matthew Turay, DMD
Oregon Electric Club Anne Olson
Marianne Ho Moyer
Oleson Gardens Club Kay Feldman
 (in memory of Bob Feldman)
Rosella Grafton
Fanno Creek Club Janiece Day

2016 Donors

Hunt Club Vlasta Barber
Barbara Hansen
Jokay & Creighton Kearns
Oregon Electric Club Pat & Andy Dignan
Jan Fredrickson
Alta Hansen
John W. Lee
Billie Marx
Oleson Gardens Club Lee Radovich
Mary Reece
Fanno Creek Club Sasha Kaplan & Matthew Miner
Catherine Lekas

2015 Donors

Hunt Club Jan Fredrickson (donation for T-shirt order)
Vlasta Barber
Kay Bristow for Andy & Pat Dignan
Bob & Sybil Grissom
Craig Sharbonneau
Kay Bristow for Peg Watson
Dr. J.E. & Mrs Shirley Gertsch Bartels
Oregon Electric Club Alta Hansen
Billie Marx
Marlene Tufts
Sharon & Bob Cram
Oleson Gardens Club Barb & Jon Stroud
Marie & John Pacella
Fanno Creek Club Stanley Marugg

2014 Donors

Hunt Club Shirley Gertsch Bartels
Craig Charbonneau
Oregon Electric Club
Oleson Gardens Club Michael Dardis
Fanno Creek Club Lori Laswell Metschan

Thanks to everyone who purchased almost 200 historical Garden Home calendars and note card sets.

2013 Donors

Hunt Club Vlasta Barber
Shirley Gertsch Bartels
Kay Bristow
   Dignan’s 60th anniversary
James & Sue Owens
Oregon Electric Club Michael Dardis
Alta Hansen
Billie Marx
Oleson Gardens Club
Fanno Creek Club Robert Feldman
Pam Lahrs
Professional services and in-kind support Teri Bertell, Graphic artist
Bob Cram
DACO Business Printing, Bob & Delia Day
Stan Houseman, Website design and also Realtor – Houseman Heritage Real Estate
Marie Pacella
Patsy Vandeventer
Elaine Shreve
Virginia Vanture

2012 Donors

Hunt Club
Oregon Electric Club Esta & Steve Mapes
Oleson Gardens Club Deanne Eng
Fanno Creek Club Marie Swenson
Harold Swenson Family
Historic Garden Home street sign sponsors Vlasta Barber
Craig Charbonneau
Ross Fogelquist
   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fogelquist
Patty Gazeley
   Bill Gazeley
Lou Herder
Janet Habegger
Sharon Leonard
   H. M. Bud Brazil
Kay Ross
   Kitty Renne
Bertha & Eugene Shirley Family
   Thelma & Allen Shirley
   Cleo & Raymond Shirley
   Mildred Stevens
   Richard Stevens
The Steele Family
   Joyce Chamberlin
   Bruce Steele
   Charity & Jonathan Steele
   Donald Steele
   June Steele Christiansen
Virginia Vanture

2010-2011 Donors

Hunt Club Vlasta Barber
Shirley Gertsch Bartels & Dr. Jan Bartels
Angie Fredrickson
Pam Lahrs & Colin Jordan
Connie & Clark Stephens
Marlene Tufts
Oregon Electric Club  Sharon & Bob Cram
Andy & Pat Dignan
Marcia & Paul Haack
Joanne & Frank Lesage
F.L. & L. R. Newton
Anne & Gary Olson
Hal Pallay
Oleson Gardens Club Ross Fogelquist
Polly & Paul Herman
Patsy & Gary VandeVenter
Fanno Creek Club  Lucille & John Adams
Polly & Paul Herman
Mrs.Thomas Miles
Susan Ong & David Norris
Marjorie Ross
Richard Roth
Historic Garden Home street sign sponsors Bonnie & Stephen Brennan
Warren Cook, Patti Hoopes, Louise Jones
   Ernie & Melba Cook
Sharon & Bob Cram
   Mildred Stevens
Janiece & Dean Day
   Mildred Stevens
Andy & Pat Dignan
Angie Fredrickson
   Rhoda MacKay VanTuyl
Arden & Edwin Gibbs
   Mildred Stevens
   Richard Lee Stevens
   Thelma Stevens Shirley
Sharon Gilson
Louise & Ben Jones
   Mildred Stevens
Jeanette Kittleson
Anne & Gary Olson
Marie & John Pacella
Elaine Shreve
Mary Sprick
   Mildred Stevens
Terri Stafford & Michael LaPointe
Mildred Stevens
  Richard Stevens
Virginia Vanture
Barb Zahler

We extend a special Thank You to everyone who shared their family stories and memories and contributed pictures and artifacts to this project. Your contributions have made Garden Home’s history come alive.