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Introduction to Sharon Wilcox

Sharon Wilcox was an active participant in the CPO, a Citizen’s Participation Organization developed by Washington County. She lived for almost 40 years in West Slope and actively participated in CPO #3, which includes Garden Home, Raleigh Hills and West Slope. … Continue reading

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Schools in Garden Home Area

Garden Home:  Children living in the Garden Home area went to either McKay or Raleigh until Garden Home District 92 organized to provide a school program in 1911.  It didn’t have its own school building at first; classes were held in a large … Continue reading

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Aaron Frank Farm

Aaron M. Frank bought property out in the country in the early 1920s so he would have adequate land for his family’s horses near the Oregon Electric Railroad line, where a loading dock facilitated the easy transportation of his show … Continue reading

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Hunt Club and Riding Academies

The Portland Hunt Club, Portland Riding Academy, Nicol Riding Academy and Aaron Frank’s stables were all within touching distance of each other, so they will be covered together.  So you can tell who the ‘interviewees’ are, so to speak, Don … Continue reading

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Garden Home Water District

If you have been reading this series, you know that as more people came west and settled in our three areas, it became harder to supply enough water to meet the need in the early 1900s. Wells, springs and creeks worked … Continue reading

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The 1800s, Early Garden Home

Did you know the Indians in our area were the Atfalati Indians? Another name they were known by was the Tualatin Indians, and they relocated their camps whenever they needed a new source of plants for their food and medicines. Game was plentiful … Continue reading

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