Introduction to Sharon Wilcox

Sharon Wilcox was an active participant in the CPO, a Citizen’s Participation Organization developed by Washington County. She lived for almost 40 years in West Slope and actively participated in CPO #3, which includes Garden Home, Raleigh Hills and West Slope.

Sharon compiled information and wrote the following excellent stories in 2001 to document the early history of this eastern area of Washington County. She was fortunate to have been able to interview many people who have since passed on. These stories and more about West Slope and Raleigh Hills were published in the CPO#3 Newsletters in 2001. Look for her additional stories on our website:

Sharon grew up in northeast Portland, attended Lewis & Clark College and after marrying and having children, became a school and community volunteer.  She also was a classified employee in the Beaverton School District, ending as a Community Resource Coordinator and Coordinator of Volunteer Services in June of 1993.  Her husband of 50+ years, Leigh Wilcox, retired from being a Director of Instruction in the Portland Public Schools that same year.  The Beaverton, Raleigh and Garden Home areas were familiar territory for Leigh since he had first moved to West Slope with his family in 1947 and was forever sharing stories of families, businesses and general history.  Sharon had claimed he was the instigator in getting her so interested in the area’s past.  Leigh’s mother was a Washington County Commissioner and his father was Oregon State Health Officer.

We are indebted to Sharon Wilcox for this fine documentation and publish it with her permission.

Elaine Shreve

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