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Historic Aerial Photos Garden Home

To view the high-resolution version of a photo and a more detailed description of the photo, click on the photo to go to the detail page for the photo. Very high resolution photos will have a “Full size is…” link on the detail page to view the original high resolution photo.

1936 Aerial photos by the US Army Corps of Engineers

We also have a collection of six high-resolution 1936 aerial photos by the Army Corps of Engineers of Garden Home and surrounding areas.

For each of the six 1936 aerial photos, we present each one with a pair of images: one cropped and annotated with landmarks, the other is unaltered. Below is one of the six photos: the 1936 aerial photo most centered on Garden Home (although other photos capture parts of Garden Home). Click on a photo to view the photo full size.

Below are 1936 and 1956 aerial photos of the west end of Garden Home, cropped to match. SW Garden Home Road is running horizontally in the top third of the photo. The road exiting the top of the map on the left third of the photo is SW 92nd Ave (the intersection of the two streets today has a stop sign with a right turn permitted without stopping).

1949 to 1983 Aerial photos by Otto Arndt

Donna Arndt Oliver has given us an outstanding collection of 21 aerial photos of the Garden Home area taken by her father, Otto Arndt, in 1954 and 1957. We also have six additional photos taken by Otto of nearby areas in 1949, 1950, 1954 and 1983. The Arndt family lived in Garden Home on a small farm at the current location of the Garden Home Market Place (formerly Lamb’s Thriftway). We thank Donna Oliver for this gift, and Bob Cram for digitizing these photos from the negatives.

Otto Arndt aerial photos of the Garden Home area (1954 and 1957):

Otto Arndt aerial photos of nearby areas (1949 to 1983):

1956 Aerial photo by unknown photographer

We received a large format print of the following aerial photo, photographer unknown. The photo also appeared on the cover of a 1957-1958 Garden Home School brochure.

1956 aerial photo of Garden Home School and Lamb's Thriftway under construction

1956 aerial photo of Garden Home School and Lamb’s Thriftway under construction

1957-58 Garden Home School Brochure cover - aerial photo

1957-58 Garden Home School Brochure cover – aerial photo

1958 aerial photo of Garden Home

Jacki Wisher gave us a 16×20 inch mounted aerial photograph of Garden Home in 1958.

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) - Original

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) – Original

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) - Annotated

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) – Annotated

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) - Railroad

1958 Garden Home aerial photo (from Jacki Wisher) – Railroad

1950s aerial photo of Progress

We obtained the following aerial photo of the Progress area taken in the 1950s. Entering the photo’s left edge near the top is SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Entering the photo’s left edge near the bottom is SW Hall Blvd. Entering the photo’s edge near the middle is the railroad tracks that today run along the west side of Hwy 217.

1950s Progress (looking east) - aerial_12_p

1950s Progress (looking east)

Historic maps of Garden Home

Garden Home 1964 map

Garden Home 1964 map

2013 AAA map

2013 AAA map

Richfield Gas Station map, circa 1940's

Richfield Gas Station map, circa 1940’s. Note the street names have not yet been changed to numbered avenues.

1909 map of Garden Home

1909 map of Garden Home

In the 1889 map of Multnomah County below, Garden Home is the only detail included in Washington County. We like to think that means Garden Home was a notable enough landmark in 1889 to warrant inclusion on the Multnomah County map.

Map of Multnomah County 1889

Map of Multnomah County 1889 (Garden Home in lower right corner)

Pre-1949 Garden Home Street Names

The names of Garden Home streets and roads have changed over time. Garden Home Road was earlier known as Nichol Street. Oleson Road was known as Rex Street.

Many of the streets, especially those that dead-ended off of Garden Home Road, were considered lanes and often held descriptive names such as Orchard, Firlock, and Forest. In accordance with changes dictated by the U.S. Postal Service, the lanes became numbered streets sometime after 1949 when these changes were made.

Garden Home street names, circa 1949

Garden Home street names, circa 1949

Garden Home Businesses

Welcome from the local businesses that are here in Garden Home. Please take advantage of these neighbors who provide services to our community and appreciate your patronage. Buying local has benefits beyond the convenience. Small businesses are run by the friends, family, and neighbors that live among us, so supporting them is not only personal but critical to their success. When you support local business owners, you often receive better service, as well as helping make our community a better place to live.

​(If you know of any changes that should be made, please let us know)

Community = Connections. Many Thanks!

Businesses near intersection:
SW Garden Home and SW Oleson

Trader Joes
7215 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 244-4625

ACE Hardware
7225 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 477-7777

7219 SW Garden Home Rd

Shari’s Restaurant
7451 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 293-3143

Bulldog Deli
7321 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 914-3919

7315 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 244-3741

Ploy’s Thai Food
7309 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 894-9034
(971) 313-9865

Envy Nail & Spa
7307 SW Garden Home Rd
(971) 888-4370

Great Clips
7303 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 892-5677

Garden Home Cleaners
7289 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 245-2555

Hyperion Computerworks
7283 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 465-5906

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
7460 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 245-9261

7430 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 246-5583

Garden Home Dugout Sports Bar and Grill
7380 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 206-8581

Local Leaf
7570 SW 74th Ave
(503) 946-8199

Cooper’s Dog Training
7314 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 452-3065

State Farm Insurance
7420 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 293-0105

Garden Home Dentist
Mathew Turay, DMD
7150 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 245-3314

Alexander Family Dentistry
Gregory Alexander, DDS, PC
7130 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 245-3143

Old Market Pub & Brewery
6959 SW Multnomah Blvd
(503) 244-2337
(503) Big-Beer

Power Plumbing Co.
6611 SW Multnomah Blvd
(503) 244-1900

Garden Home Recreation Center
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 629-6341

– Facility Features
Three Dance/Fitness Studio Rooms
Gymnasium with Performance Stage
Showers and Locker Rooms
Weight/Cardio Fitness Rooms
Discovery After-School Enrichment Program
Indoor Gymnasium for Drop In Sports
Kitchen for Cooking Classes
Fully Equipped Gymnastics Room
Indoor Play Park
Outdoor Playground and Play Equipment
Sports and Soccer Fields
West Portland Boxing Team
Garden Home Community Library
Three non-profit preschools:
Funny Farm, Head Start and Small Friends
Access to Fanno Creek Regional Trail:
for walking, running and biking
Garden Home Library
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 245-9932
Funny Farm Early Learning Center
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 245-3107
Small Friends, Inc.
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 388-2266
Head Start Program
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 648-6646
West Portland Boxing Team (Coed)
7475 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 246-0131

Garden Home Dental
Aaron Pogue, DMD
7515 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 246-3761

Garden Home Physical Therapy
(and Acupuncture, LLC)
Beth Duffy, P.T., L.Ac.
7521 SW Garden Home Rd
(503) 977-5158

Buy 2 / Shell Gas Station
7545 SW Oleson Rd
(503) 954-1655

Black Rock Coffee Bar
7570 SW Garden Home Rd

Businesses near intersection: SW Oleson and SW Alden

Allstate Insurance
Christopher Gobel
8235 SW Oleson Rd. Suite A
(503) 245-4300 + Christopher Gobel

Southwest Portland Law Group, LLC
Attorney at Law
8235 SW Oleson Rd. Suite C
(503) 206-6401

Businesses near intersection: SW Allen and SW Scholls Ferry

Burgerville USA
9385 SW Allen Blvd
(503) 293-0817

Mandarin Palace Restaurant
9225 SW Allen Rd
(503) 245-2775

Plaid Pantry #227
9460 SW Allen Blvd
(503) 548-6300

Pizza Hut
9458 SW Allen Blvd
(503) 244-8610
(scroll below to Find A Pizza Hut)
+Zip 97005

Mai Pho – Vietnamese
9454 SW Allen Blvd
(503) 293-0030

Scholls Ferry Chevron Gas Station
6655 SW Allen Blvd
(503) 372-9679

Uptown Market
6620 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
(503) 336-4783

Flying Barracuda – Catering & BBQ Co.
(Food Truck next to Uptown Market)
503) 805-4837

Scholls Ferry Automotive Center
6600 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
(503) 246-9781

ShadeWoRx Blind Repair Service
6540 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
(503) 718-7125

Watch Your Head
Larry Morey – Barber
6500 SW Old Schools Ferry Rd
(503) 641-5272

Portland Community College Student Research Reports

Brendon Slattery (2018) prepared a research report on the lines and station locations of the Oregon Electric Railway. Click here to view his maps.

Spenser Kuroda (2017) created the following report as a PCC student project. The report maps structures existing in various aerial photographs of Garden Home taken over the decades. Click the link below to read Spenser’s full report with many maps.

Maps of Garden Home Buildings by Decade of Construction – by Spenser Kuroda (PDF)

Garden Home structures by decade of construction.

Erin Woolbright (2017) created the following report as a PCC student project. The report describes the route of the Oregon Electric Railway, the historic floodplains of Fanno and Ash creeks, and the geologic makeup of the land in Garden Home.

OER and GH floodplain report by Erin Woolbright (PDF)

Related history societies and other organizations

Garden Home Recreation Center

Garden Home Community Library

Washington County Cooperative Library Services – Genealogy research

Garden Home Gardeners

Washington County Museum

Multnomah Historical Society

Beaverton Historical Society

Tigard Historical Association

Tualatin Historical Society

The Oregon Historical Society

The Washington County Oral History Project
(see also related post) is a popular Portland History blog.

List of recent and current sites for Oregon and National Registration of historic importance. “Oregon’s National Register and Survey Program is part of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), located within the Heritage Programs division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The program assists property owners, governments, and interested citizens in identifying and listing Oregon’s most historically important resources in the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register is the nation’s official list of buildings, structures, districts, sites and objects significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, and culture, and is maintained by the National Park Service in Washington D.C.”

The Restore Oregon organization is interested in the historic preservation of sites in Oregon.

Related Neighborhoods


Nestled in the heart of Garden Home, Arranmore is a well planned development of 143 homes connected by 3 miles of paved pathways through grassy acres of common ground governed with Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Residents enjoy an in ground swimming pool & spa during the summer months and the luxury of lawn care year round, all at a reasonable price! This neighborhood is conveniently located to downtown Portland and close to shopping and restaurants. A variety of home styles and amenities are represented in this well maintained neighborhood.
(Joe Schoen, webmaster)

Maplewood is an old community between Garden Home and Multnomah. This website has two attachments at the very bottom of the document: the tour that was offered this year and the 1975 centennial history written by Marjorie E. Hoffman, wife of an early Swiss dairyman. Wonderful photos.

Rummer home

Rummer home

Rummer Home Owners Connection

This is the place where Rummer Home Owners in the Bohmann / Vista Brooke / Garden Home Area as well as the Greater Portland Metro can visit together and ask for help and give suggestions.

Online archives of early Oregon newspapers is the new website from U. of O. with digitized copies of early Oregon newspapers, from 1846 to 1922.  A limited number of editions have been completed. To facilitate your search, go to SEARCH in the top line, select the desired newspapers and date range. Then enter the name under the Phrase blank which allows for use of first name or initials. Very fascinating. We’ve found a few items related to Garden Home. Let us know if you find something great!


Resources for further information about Garden Home or area:

Scholls Ferry Tales by Margaret Putnam Hesse.  Published by the Groner Women’s Club, Scholls, Oregon 1976.  Prepared in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial.  Available through Washington County Cooperative Libraries.  Photos, stories, maps about the Scholls area.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue by Ray Pitz. Published by Arcadia Publishing. 2012.  Available through the Washington County Cooperative Libraries.  Has four photos of Garden Home fires:  two of  Upchurch Grocery fire, two of brush fire on King street.  All photos on this website.

Garden Home – the way it was edited by Mapes, Virginia. Printed by Beaverton School District 48. 1980. Available through Washington County Cooperative Libraries. Currently out of print but put a request in to Powell’s Beaverton book store.

Traces of the Past by MacWilliiam, Jill and Mapes, Virginia. Printed by Beaverton School Disctrict 48. 1984. Available through Washington County Cooperative Libraries. Out of print but search book stores.

Portland’s Multnomah Village by Hamilton, Nanci. Arcadia Publishing 2007.

A Centennial History of Washington County Oregon “Written and assembled by Members of the Extension Study Groups of Washington County and others” not dated but apparently 1959 as a bicentennial project. Available through Washington County libraries.

Tigardville Tigard, A History of Tigard by Payne, Mary.  Copyright 1979, 2nd edition 1982

School Days, A History of Public Schools In and Around Beaverton, Oregon 1856-2000 by Varner, Gerald H. Written and published in cooperation with Beaverton School District 48, 2000.

Tualatin. From the Beginning by Loyce Martinazzi and Karen Nygaard, 2004. One of four books published by Tualatin Historical Society.

CHAKEIPI: The Place of the Beaver. The History of Beaverton, Oregon 1893-1993 by Mapes, Virginia. Published by City of Beaverton, 1993. Hard bound, very well done.

Willamette Valley Railways by Richard Thompson, 2008. Published by Arcadia Publishing. Includes history of Oregon Electric and Red Electric rail lines through Garden Home.

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