Otto Arndt – 1950s Aerial Photos of Garden Home

October 2015:  Donna Arndt Oliver, daughter of Otto Arndt, has given us a large collection of Washington County aerial photos and negatives. The family lived in Garden Home. We thank Donna Oliver for this gift and Bob Cram for digitizing these photos from the negatives.


All of the 1949 and 1950s pictures were taken when Otto Arndt chartered airplanes at various times in those years from the Bernard Airport in Beaverton, Oregon. Flier Walt Rupert was in all cases the pilot who flew the airplanes. He was an instructor, and operated the Rupert Flying Service in the 1940s and 1950s.

Garden Home: March 4, 1954 and in 1957.

Twelve 2 1/4 square negs. No. 1 through 12, shot 3-4-54.

Nine 2 1/4 square negs. No numbers on them, shot in 1957.

All of these were shot with a Rolleiflex camera.

Bob Cram 11/27/15: In looking at the photos and contrary to Otto’s notes, some of the first 12 were shot in 1954 but others appear to be later (1957) as the Thriftway store is present in some but not others. The last 9 photos were arbitrarily numbered by myself for reference. These appear to all be from 1957.  Files are in jpg format and were scanned from the negatives using 4800 DPI resolution on an Epson V600 Photo Scanner. Contrast and brightness were adjusted for best detail in center of photo.

We have additional photos for areas just outside of Garden Home, all taken by Otto Arndt between 1949 and 1983.

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7 Responses to Otto Arndt – 1950s Aerial Photos of Garden Home

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  2. Ginny Mapes says:

    Nice treasure!

    Ginny Mapes

  3. Bill Gellatly says:

    I think that Rupert’s Flying Service should be listed as being in business until as late as about 1969, when the airport property was sold to make room for Bernard’s Beaverton Mall. I took my first plane ride from there with “Tex” Abbott, a WW2 ace who managed the Oregonian’s Branch 27, located at the curve in SW 35th, south of Multnomah Blvd. that would have been 1950 or 1951, however the airport had been there well ahead of that. Wally was well know and respected. I flew in and out of there many times in the mid-60’s, but always in the right seat; something like 60 hours as a passenger with several flyer friends.
    Bill Gellatly

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