Otto Arndt – 1950s Aerial Photos of Garden Home

GH Neg 06 – GH Rd from SE

Garden Home Rd from SE

Aerial photo by Otto Arndt circa 1949 to 1957.

Oregon Electric RR right-of-way is curved line in upper middle. GH Rd is straight line right to left, with the School (find the chimney) adjacent to forest area. The curved line in lower half is the RR right-of-way of track going south to Tigard. Passenger service stopped in early 1930s, steam and freight continued to late 1930s. Rails came up in 1940-41. Note Cannery at Multnomah/GH RD intersection.

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1 Response to GH Neg 06 – GH Rd from SE

  1. Mike Norris says:

    Photo #9 I would guess is about 1953 since 2nd (2story) addition was about then. I assume you know more acurrately than my memory.
    I was in 1st grade in 1949 and 1st new addition was not built yet. I think it was built in about 1950 since my 2nd grade was in new building. (Photo #6 would be about then. Also the Kroms had not yet moved their house a few blocks down Oleson Rd and sold the property and orchard to build the shopping center (about 1950). In 1949 the school was 5 room and my class was the first to split- some of us overflowed into a class with some second graders and by 2nd grade we were split into 2 classes.

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