Dorothy Johnson: Garden Home Recollections


1951 Garden Home School

1951 Garden Home School

Courtesy Dorothy Johnson

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  1. Donna Oliver says:

    I have a question. When was the first remodel of the original school building in the 1912 photos to the photos of 1949 and 1951 photos. And when was the first addition to the original building, when was they gym building build, and when was each additiontio build, including the I believe final addition of the cafeteria built. I attended Garden Home school from the fall of 1953 to spring of 1960. I remember some of the additions being built. I know I in Mr. Morin’s 7th grade class in the upstairs of one of the new additions while the downstairs was still unfinished. We used to have indoor recess in part of the unfinished down stairs, as well as a music class in one of the unfinished rooms. I don’t remember if that wing was under construction at the same time as the cafeteria or not. I do remember working as a helper in the cafeteria in 8th grade, and our 8th grade dance was held in the cafeteria in the spring of 1960. Could someone fill me in on some of the dates of the various construction of different parts of the school? Thank you.

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