Don Smith

1912 Garden Home School, all grades

1912 Garden Home School, all grades

1912 Garden Home School. Margaret Scherner in plaid.
Courtesy Don Smith. See post.

From Mrs. Paul E. Kear, formerly Clara Peterson, of San Rafael, California:

Front row (L to R): unknown, Leon Royce, Cecil Carlson, Blunt or Mantha boy, unknown, Leona King, Helen Hetlesater, Jimmy Fischer, unknown, unknown.

Second row: Ambrose Cronin, unknown, Helga Carlson, Virginia King, Esther Peterson, May Harper, unknown, Marian or Jenny Hetlesater, unknown, Mary Feldman.

Third row: Olga Carlson, Margaret Scherner, Dora DeHaan, Gladys Harper, unknown, DeHaan boy, unknown, Leo Pollay.

Fourth row: Leona King (?), Clara Peterson, Katharine Brand, Henry Ericksen, Tony Feldman, Elmer Erickson, Adolph Peterson.

Top row: Miss Ivy Peterson and Miss Clara Fullerton

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