Garden Home School P.T.A. Scrapbook, 1957-58

We were given the Frontier Frolic scrapbook of the Garden Home School PTA activities and Gazettes of1957-58. Dorothy Meisner was President. The meetings were held about monthly, always followed by refreshments. Planning for refreshments at the meetings, events, room mothers, etc. was a key part of the business. The following information was gleaned from the scrapbook.

The eighth grade graduating class of 1958 was: 37 total students, 11 girls and 26 boys, many of whom have completed all eight grades at G.H. “The students are to be honored at a graduation breakfast at the church the morning of June 4th and it is sponsored by the Friendship Circle of the Garden Home Methodist Church.” Four-hundred children attended the school.

Another article followed that the playground would be closed due to building the new addition to the school. THPRD had arranged to use the facilities of the GH Methodist Church. (The old church on GH Rd.)

One program of the year featured Sgt. Willard Noble of the Ground Observer Corps who had “the facts at hand about our situation in the event of a surprise attack.”  They discussed radioactive fallout, using the hot water tank for good water and had a goal to develop a “staging” area and Civil Defense Plan.

School Board members were John Canutt, Chairman, Albert Jensen, Mrs. Robert Elder, William Bernard and Homer Cathey. Wayne Thurman was the Superintendent and Leonard Gustafson the Principal.  Bobbie Henderson was the secretary and the custodians were R.R. MacKay, Floyd Carlson, and Darwin Day. Isolda Steele and Ellen Norris ran the cafeteria.

The Garden Home PTA sponsored nineteen youth groups including 5 Cub Scout dens and one Webelos group totaling 46 boys. The thirteen Camp Fire groups totaled 110 girls.

The architectural plans for the new front office area were displayed and approved by a Garden Home School District vote of 321 yes to 46 no for a $118,000 building bond. It was to be completed by fall, 1958. It included 4 classrooms, a cafeteria, office and health rooms. This is the current front office and front hallway rooms of the building. In the architectural sketch, the front left building is the remnant of the old 1912 school which was removed.

Mrs. Byron Meisner gave a report on the history of the school noting that of the 11 past presidents of the PTA, all but one still lived in the district. They were:  Mrs. W.F. May, Mrs. Glen Singletary and her daughter, Mrs. Harold Eastman, immediate past president Mrs. Genevieve Schultz, Mrs. W.F. Nebert, Mrs. Carlo Poutola, Mrs. Ralph Peyton, Mrs. John Canutt, Mrs. Lew Russell Jr., Mrs. Plez Martin and Mrs. David McCarthy.

They concluded the year with a Frontier Frolic which featured lots of performances and costumes, a wonderful time. Mrs. Ward Nelson was elected president for the 1958-59 school year.

Written by Elaine Shreve, June 2012. A special thank you to Ward Nelson who passed his mother’s 1958 P.T.A. scrap book to us.

Mrs. Byron Meisner, Mrs. Ward Nelson, 1957, PTA event at Pendleton

Dorothy Meisner and Helene Nelson, 1957, PTA event at Pendleton

Office addition 1958

Office addition 1958

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