Lyle “Toad” Tate

The following story about Lyle Tate is reprinted from the Nov. 11, 1997 Oregonian newspaper. The author Norm Maves, Jr. and the Oregonian newspaper has given permission for this reprinting.

Lyle Tate lived at 7560 SW Shirley Lane, near the intersection, along with his sister Christine and his parents Rachel and Lyle George Tate, all deceased. The plaque dedicated to Lyle is near the entrance to Lamb’s Thriftway.

Prepared by Elaine Shreve, 2012

In November, 2018, Peter Gertsch shared this comment about Lyle “Toad” Tate:

Lyle Tate also went by the name as Toad was killed in Vietnam in 1967, USMC, as his second tour in Vietnam as a sniper.

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