Carol Kochenderfer and Stan Houseman with a CENTURY HOME certificate

Carol Kochenderfer and Stan Houseman with a CENTURY HOME certificate

Century Home plaque on Kaplan Miner home

PROOF OF AGE: To be eligible the house or building must be 100 years of age or older. Original records attesting to the age of the building and/or the date as listed on the Washington County Assessment and Taxation Report will be considered proof of age for the home or building.

CONDITION AND APPEARANCE: Remodeling, additions, maintenance or changes prior to the date the house is designated a Century Home are acceptable to the extent the appearance of the house represents the period during which it was built. Having the installation of the plaque in no way restricts any future changes the owner(s) may wish to make to the building.

INSTALLATION OF CERTIFICATES and/or PLAQUE: Century Home program members from the Garden Home History Project wish to show our appreciation to you, the current homeowner(s), by acknowledging your home or building is a CENTURY HOME.
Installing the Certificate of Recognition and/or Plaque, if desired, provides an opportunity to invite family, friends or neighbors, to an event planned by the homeowner. If that is the case, please let us know in advance. Also, we request that the framed Certificate and/or the brass Plaque remain with the home.

DONATION: Join us in this recognition by becoming a member of our Century Home’s program for a small fee of $10. You will receive a framed certificate and future information helpful to homeowners of these homes. Donors have created a small fund to assist with costs if desired.

To participate or if you have questions, contact us at:
Stanley E Houseman – Cell: 503-697-3691
Sharon Vedder – Cell: 503-828-8827
Email: GardenHomeHistory@gmail.com

Current designated CENTURY HOMES:

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