CENTURY HOMES: Sasha Kaplan and Matt Miner

Address: SW 76th Avenue
Originally Built: 1910
Original Owners: Margaret and Peter Bettendorf

Built in 1910, this house would qualify as an example of a suburban home built for a family at the turn of the century.  It is a two-story house with a basement, located in a small community and situated on property large enough to provide for a small orchard and a large garden.

The original owners, Margaret and Peter Bettendorf moved to Oregon when Peter accepted a job as Office Manager with Oregon Transfer, a company then located in northwest Portland.  A local newspaper lists Margaret as someone purchasing war bonds in 1918.  The elder son, Harold, attended the Christian Brothers Business School where he is acknowledged as a good student.  The middle son, Edward 13, made spending money by catching moles and rats for which the county paid him 10 cents each in 1920.  The couple had one additional son, Richard, who was born and grew up in Garden Home.

Peter Bettendorf later worked for Gardening Company. During that period a news clipping identified him as a “well known bulb specialist” who had been invited to speak to the Little Gardens Club monthly meeting at Central Library.  The Little Gardens Club was limited to women who did their own work in their own gardens.

Since moving in, the current owners, Sasha Kaplan and Matt Miner have remodeled the kitchen to meet the specifications of Sasha Kaplan, a professional chef. Matt Miner, a concert promoter, at times utilizes the property for concerts.

By Virginia Vanture, July 2016

[Editor: Sasha Kaplan has copy of the deed.  Family history from review of newspapers of the period.  The 1920 census shows the Bettendorfs living in Garden Home.  The 1910 census shows them in Multnomah County.]

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2 Responses to CENTURY HOMES: Sasha Kaplan and Matt Miner

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  2. peter a gertsch says:

    The 1909 farm house at 6250 sw oleson road that I grow up in belong to Fred Gertsch and after he and his Wife Rosa pasted on in 1955 my Family started living in there until 1968.

    It now goes by the nameTimber Ridge . My grandfather Fred Gertsch Senior worked with his Brother Chris at the Dairy right Across the Street until 1951 or so.

    The farm house is sill standing

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