Larry Monk obituary

Larry Monk

Larry Monk, 2013

March 2, 1933 to October 11, 2022

Larry, age 89, died peacefully in bed next to his wife of 52 years.

Larry graduated from Willamette University in 1955 and from Drew University Seminary in 1958. Larry was a minister in the United Methodist Church from 1959-1997; he served congregations all over Oregon.

Larry had courage and integrity; he showed friendship and kindness to all he encountered. He lived his values and was a positive force serving as a role model of how to live as a good human being. Larry received a lifesaving donated kidney from his sister Lenore in 1981; he cared for this gift for the next 41 years. Larry refused to worry about things he couldn’t control and always believed the best outcome was going to happen.

Larry is survived by his wife, Linda; sisters, Lois Welch and Lenore Monk; eight children, Cheryl Gertz (Ken), Daryl Monk (Julie), Tanya Mounts (Brent), Laurie Fuglee, Jeannie Monk (Tim), Daniel Monk-Kowalsky, David Kowalsky (Cindy) and Casey Christopher (Julie); 18 grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

[Editor: Larry served as Pastor for the Garden Home Community Methodist Church in the 1970s. Their children Danny, David, and Jeannie attended Garden Home School. Larry wrote an article about the Garden Home After-School Care Association here on our website.]

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