April 2017 News

Welcome to our website about historic Garden Home. In the People and Places pages, you’ll find over a hundred stories and over a thousand photos of vintage Garden Home and residents attending our events.

Upcoming Events

During the month of March, visit the Garden Home History photo display at the Washington County Museum in Hillsboro. In March, identify yourself as a Garden Home resident for half-price admission. On Saturday, March 18, identify yourself as a Garden Home resident for free admission. You can also reserve the Garden Home Library’s Cultural Pass for free admission. Please call the library at 503-245-9932 to reserve your family’s pass for a certain day. Regular admission $6, Seniors/children/veterans/student $4.

Washington County Museum 503-645-5353
Hillsboro Civic Center
120 E. Main Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123
Open 10am to 5pm Wednesday through Saturday.


The Long Snow: Our January yards and streets have been covered in 12 or more inches of snow for a week of below freezing temperatures!  Wonderful for photos, challenge for driving.

A big snowfall brings out the cameras and reminds us of the Replogle photos from the 1920s. The Replogles were related to Moses and Sarah Huffaker and their home was always called the Huffaker place, no matter who lived there.

New stories on the website

1903 Halloween Murder on the Garden Home Road! We previously posted a story about the other Garden Home road discussing how the moniker of Garden Home road used to refer to the route of SW Broadway Drive to SW Patton Road to SW Shattuck Road to SW Oleson Road. We discovered this fact when we stumbled across a story about the 1903 Halloween fatal shooting of Adolph Burkhardt on “the Garden Home road” by Samuel Bauman. This new story is the follow-up describing the details of slaying, the feud between two farmers that precipitated the killing, the mystery about where Adolph Burkhardt was killed, and the subsequent unusual capital murder trial proceedings.

We updated the the story about Leona Whitney to include new details about her popular chalkboard messages at the road by the Whitney’s Cannery, now the Old Market Pub.  We also updated the story about the Garden Home Cooperative Cannery to describe how it was first built over in the Progress shopping center and then built in Garden Home for its first birthday. Besides memberships, one of the co-op’s first fund raising events was a school carnival.

Heart Valve Research in Garden Home A retired engineer, M. Lowell Edwards, continued his lifelong research on valves and pumps by building an artificial heart here in the low industrial building (now Power Plumbing) on the western end of Multnomah Blvd.  He was soon connected to Dr. Albert Starr and began groundbreaking work on heart valves. Your editor received one!

We have a new story about Mr. Lumen H. Nichols, the first postmaster of Garden Home in the 1880s and 1890s. His store and post office are believed to have been on the SE corner of the intersection.

Warren Cook contributed an article about the Blue Bus service, owned by the Tualatin Valley Bus Company, that served the Garden Home area prior to acquisition by TriMet in 1970.

On November 5, 2016, we held another bell ringing at Lamb’s Garden Home Market (Thriftway). Many people had fun ringing the historic bell in the clock tower.  This bell was first installed in the old Community Church at the corner of (now) 71st and Garden Home Road in 1918.  The bell then moved up to the new United Methodist Church built on 81stand opened in 1961 and closed in 1994. View the photo gallery here.

Other News

You are invited to our very active Board meetings which are held the second Monday of most months, 6:30 pm at the Garden Home Recreation Center. We had 5 thirty-minute slide presentations last year from 6:30 to 7 pm. Our Board then meets at 7 pm. March 13 will be a special meeting for the public with refreshments and summaries by the Chair and the Treasurer. The plans for the year’s activities will be shared. We’d love to have anyone interested to work with us.

Our 2016 activities included seven slideshow and speaker presentations:

  • February, Tom Shreve presented 1950’s aerial photos of Garden Home
  • March, Pat Dignan presented early photos and family life in the Hunt Club area.
  • April, Virginia Vanture presented on the Century Homes
  • May, Colin Lamb presented on history of early Thriftway, shopping center.
  • June, Elaine Shreve slideshow Garden Components and review of History & Garden Tour
  • October, Tom Shreve presented 1903 story of Murder on ‘the Garden Home Road’
  • November, Tom Shreve presented his favorite photos of Garden Home area.

2016 Events:

  • June 4, the History and Garden Tour, done with the Garden Home Gardeners.
  • August 13, outdoor Reunion of Garden Home School and Beaverton High students
  • Nov. 5, Bell Ringing at Garden Home Market, old church bell
  • Dec. 3, Participation in Bazaar, sell handmade ornaments, bookmarks
  • Dec. 12, Party at Shreve home.

Board of Directors, Garden Home History Project, 2016:

Chair: Elaine Shreve
Vice-Chair: Janice Logan
Secretary: Patsy VandeVenter
Treasurer: Marie Pacella

Board Members: (voting) John Pacella, Stan and Susan Houseman, Sasha Kaplan, Carole Vranizan, Louise Cook Jones, Bob and Delia Day, Mark Kajitani (Served for partial term:  Christina Mauroni, Ginny McCarthy)

Advisory Board:  Serving the project with special skills, services or resources: Bob & Sharon Cram, Tom Shreve, Virginia Vanture, Jan Fredrickson

2017 presentations and events will be planned at February 13 meeting.

Patsy VandeVenter, Virginia Vanture, Elaine Shreve, Carole Vranizan

Patsy VandeVenter, Virginia Vanture, Elaine Shreve, Carole Vranizan

Get your Historic Garden Home t-shirt now for just $14 for small to XL. Larger XXL and XXXL sizes are $17. There is an additional charge of $9 to mail your shirt. They’re fun! Available at the Garden Home Market Place.

Historic Garden Home street sign

Historic Garden Home street sign

Historic Garden Home street signs: We currently have about 35 of the Historic Garden Home street sign toppers in our community. Each sign was purchased by a friend or family member to honor their loved one. Click here to view photos of the signs and for information about sponsoring a sign.

Our generous donors permit us to print and mail this newsletter ($140) for our non-e-mail people and for the Garden Home Recreation Center. We also replace the Historic Garden Home street signs once for signs that disappear, current cost for each sign, $60. With our latest order, we’ll have about 35 signs out in our neighborhoods. We also have website costs, printing, paper, plaques and many other costs of an organization. Donor names are listed on our History Bulletin Board at the Recreation Center. Thank you to all of our donors and to all of our volunteers for their time and skills.

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