1903 Halloween night slaying on “the Garden Home road”


Bauman on trial

Source: The Oregonian, 1903

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  1. Bill Gellatly says:

    With the comments about “walking up Corbett Street,” there are two ravines that could pass for the “gulch.” The first ravine heads westerly and is the location of Capitol Highway (but prior to the construction of Interstate 5 was known as Slavin Road) until it climbed toward Hillsdale to Sunset Boulevard. The second ravine is a short distance south and runs westerly toward George Himes Park using Parkhill Road. Each ravine has an overpass on Barbur Boulevard. Corbett Street ends near Fulton Park which also hosted a station for the same rail line that runs to Garden Home. It is possible that this story has quite a different location than “the Garden Home road” described as relating to Patton or Shattuck roads. The Fulton Park area was dotted with produce farms and many acres of fruit trees prior to the construction of Barbur Boulevard.in the 1920’s.

    • gardenhomehistoryproject says:

      Thanks Bill. The newspaper article did mention the event occurred near the Bertha rail station. We’ll look into it further.

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