1890 Post Office and store, Garden Home, Oregon. Mr Nichols, Postmaster.

1890 Post Office and store, Garden Home, Oregon. Mr Nichols, Postmaster.

Source: Oregon Historical Society.

This photo can also be found in The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of the Useful, the Curious …, By Richard H. Engeman, Pg 149 with the following caption:

A Multnomah County suburban district with a “mildly sentimental” name, Garden Home gained a post office in 1882, and an inter-urban electric railroad to Portland in 1908. Garden Home became the junction point for the Oregon Electric Railway’s lines west to Forest Grove and south to Salem and Eugene. By 1915, with a population estimate of 350, it was reported that “many Portland office men make this their home. Dairying, farming, fruit growing, poultry raising and gardening.” The Portland Hunt Club and the Portland Golf Club were nearby. Garden Home’s exclusive cachet has diminished, the trains went in 1933, the post office closed in 1954 [*], and the area is engulfed in a more generalized suburbia.

* Today, the Garden Home post office continues inside Lamb’s Garden Home Market.

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