November 14, 2015 Historic Bell Ringing

We all had a great time ringing the huge 1918 historic bell from the original Garden Home Community Church, now housed in the tower at the entry of Lamb’s Thriftway in Garden Home. Displays of Garden Home History and the CENTURY HOMES program captured interest along with the Historic Garden Home t-shirts which will also be for sale at the Holiday Bazaar, Dec. 5 at the Garden Home Recreation Center.

Plaques on the wall commemorate and relate the history of the bell and the previous bell tower dedicated to our young soldier Lyle Tate who died in Vietnam. The old Church was located at what is now the professional building on GH Road at 71st. In 1961 the church was sold to the Unitarian Fellowship and the sanctuary moved up Oleson to their wooded lot. The new Methodist church was built on S.W. 81st and closed in 1994. The Lamb brothers were just building the new store and reinforced the tower to accept the bell, on loan from the United Methodist Church.

These people enjoyed ringing the powerful gong sound out into the store. Thanks to all the personnel and shoppers who tolerated the powerful bell sounds. Please let us know of any name mistakes, it’s hard to read some handwriting! Just make a note in the Comment box below.

by Elaine Shreve, 2015


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