Fogelbo, home of Ross Fogelquist

This lovely home at 8740 SW Oleson Road is nestled on a couple acres of mature trees, shrubs and flowers. It is called Fogelbo (bird nest) which is derived from the family name of Fogelquist.  Henry Steiner built the home in the late 1930s and it was purchased by the Fogelquists in 1952. Steiner worked on Timberline Lodge and built other well-known Steiner cabins on Mt. Hood.

Fogelbo has become the center of Swedish and Scandinavian culture and activities. The New Sweden Cultural Heritage Soceity is next door. The blue and yellow Swedish flag flies on the front flagpole.  Washington County designated Fogelbo as a historical site in 1978.  Fogelbo has hosted hundreds of events over the years and thousands of people have enjoyed the home and hospitality and learned something about the Swedish culture.

By Elaine Shreve, photos by Stan Houseman

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