June 24, 2010 Picnic in the Park

JUNE 24, 2010   FROM 6 TO 8:00 pm

Please join our Garden Home History Project people! Tell us your story!We’ll have a table set up and some vintage photos and other resources. Bring a lawn chair, a snack and drink. Probably pizza will be for sale. Lots of families, children jumping and running, it’s a wonderful time. We’ll try to position outside of the loud speaker! Bring any vintage photos you may have or other historical memories that we could record. We copy photos and return them to you. Hopefully we’ll have our Walking Tour ready for you.

Remember Garden Home Park is west off of Oleson at Alden, not at the Rec. Center. It can also be entered going south on 83rd or 82nd off of Garden Home Road or walk in from 84th at Wareham Circle.

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, an Oregon band, will be playing. This is sponsored by the Garden Home Recreation Center and The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District.

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