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Early history of Garden Home prior to 1900.

Fanno family biography

Fanno is an important name here in our southwest Portland community. The Fanno Creek Trail follows the historic Oregon Electric Railroad track bed that crosses Fanno Creek. The trail then connects to the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District’s (THPRD) … Continue reading

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History of the Alpenrose Dairy

Alpenrose is the oldest family-owned dairy in Oregon. It was named after a flower in Switzerland, where McKinnon’s family lived before moving to Oregon over 100 years ago. Located off Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway at 6149 S.W. Shattuck Road, the dairy has … Continue reading

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Photos from the Washington County Museum

We recently acquired a trove of historical photos of Garden Home courtesy of the Washington County Museum. We’re still working on stories for some of these photos, but we’re too exicited about them to not share them immediately.

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T. E. Hills (U.S. Civil War veteran)

The name of Mr. T.E. Hills comes up in various accounts of early Garden Home. He lived in the older two-story blue house (Dickson home) on Oleson Road at Shirley Lane, 7730 SW Oleson Road, back in the early 1900s. His … Continue reading

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Lumen H. Nichols and Ann M. Nichols

  The circa 1890s photo of the first general store and post office in Garden Home shows Mr. Lumen H. Nichols standing against the picket fence.  The building has a cough remedy poster and a typical “Wanted” poster attached to … Continue reading

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History of the early Patton family

[Editor’s note: Ole Oleson and his wife, Polly Philena Patton Oleson were early pioneers in Garden Home.  They owned a number of properties in the north Oleson Road area.  They had one son and seven daughters who married into various Schalk, Wolf, Stark, … Continue reading

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Living on Maplewood Road

Growing up in Maplewood meant that we rode the “Blue Bus”, Tualatin Valley Stages- either Garden Home – Maplewood, or Garden Home –Metzger.  My family lived on the southwest end of Maplewood, which was the closest to Garden Home.  In … Continue reading

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The other “Garden Home Road”

While searching the University of Oregon’s 1846-2015 database of Oregon newspapers for interesting Garden Home stories, we stumbled across a tragic story on the front page of the November 2, 1903 Morning Oregonian (PDF) about a 1903 Halloween-night slaying near Bertha…on the … Continue reading

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Olive Philena Oleson and Lillian Oleson Harris Ruhl

Olive Philena Oleson 1891-1985 and Lillian Oleson Harris Ruhl 1893-1995 Talking over old times . . . Of the eight children born to Ole and Polly Oleson, the sisters Lillian and Olive may have been the most adventurous. Lillian, two … Continue reading

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Henry and Elizabeth Tucker

HENRY TUCKER and WILLIAM CLEMMENS LAND CLAIMS Henry and Elizabeth Tucker, along with the youngest 5 of their 6 children and Elizabeth’s father, Samuel McKay came to Oregon as part of a wagon train in 1852.  The southern section of … Continue reading

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