Memorial benches on the Fanno Creek Trail

People on the popular Fanno Creek Trail enjoy the three memorial benches placed along the trail, the first one at the beginning, near the Recreation Center’s playground.

Steve Mapes bench

Steve was known in the community as a runner and used the trail every day. His wife Esta Mapes says:

As I’ve said before, I love where the bench is located. When I contacted THPRD, I would have been happy anywhere along the path as we used it every day. When they came with the location, I was elated!  It’s perfect because of our connection to the school/rec center/library. I like to think Steve is soaking up the sun and enjoying watching the kids play!

Read the obituary for Steve Mapes.

Jeanette and Vernon Fredrickson bench

The inscription on the bench includes their names, dates, and   “Loving Parents and Creators of Worm Wood Manor”. Jan Fredrickson’s mother installed the sign WormWood Manor on their beautiful nearby property. Jan describes his mother as a vivacious, opinionated, action-oriented woman who could knock down posts to achieve a new porch.  She was a collector “of everything” which makes for a most interesting home. Vernon was an electrical engineer and worked at Tektronix in Beaverton.

Read more about the Fredricksons and their home, WormWood Manor.

Peter Herman bench

When Peter’s family moved here in 1968, he attended Garden Home School and graduated from Beaverton High School in 1975. When enjoying the bench photos, Sharon Vedder says  “I can almost see Peter there explaining what kind of bird he is observing!”

Read Peter’s parents’ memoir about their home in the Rummer Home development.

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