January 8, 2019 – Historical Reenactment

The Beaverton Historical Society invited us to participate with them and the Friends of Historic Forest Grove for a reenactment of historical figures from our histories. Patsy VandeVenter and Elaine Shreve presented a portion of the history of Margaret Simmons Patton Mills Welch, as written in her family history on our website. Margaret came out on the Oregon Trail in 1853, with dying oxen and Indian peas providing much needed food.  Her first marriage to John Patton ended tragically followed by two more marriages ending badly.  She lived in Patton Valley, Beaverton, Cornelius, Palouse country in Washington and finally in the Ridgefield area with a son, one of her nine children.

Marcus Hazelett from Forest Grove presented the story of Alvin T. “God Almighty” Smith. A.T. “God Almighty” Smith was an early pioneer that settled in the area now known as Forest Grove.

Judy and Dan Donovan presented the story of her Denney relatives Berilla and Thomas Denney. Thanks to Judy for setting this up and to the good audience enjoying the presentations.

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