Yvonne Brod 

Montclair Elementary School

Montclair Elementary School

I was a PE teacher at Montclair Elementary School from 1975 to 1999.   In 1982 when Garden Home School closed, I remember there was a lot of pressure on the families who had to move their kids to Montclair and Raleigh Hills schools.  Montclair had an assembly to welcome the new kids from GH.  I remember we had some music and I’m sure some kind words.  It was probably done in the Spring, before the new kids came in the Fall.  Montclair had about 180 kids before the GH kids arrived.  Rick Evers was a teacher from GH who moved to Montclair.

Yvonne has been an active member of the Tigard Historical Society in her retirement.

Interviewed by Patsy VandeVenter, 2012.

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