Lynn McMullin Abstom and Charleen McMullin Oberst (sisters)

Marilyn McMullin Korvola

Marilyn McMullin, Charleen McMullin

We were playmates with Ross Fogelquist, Richard Olson, Beth Olson and Deanna Roshak. I must have been 8 or 10 years old in the early 1950s. We kids built the town of “Joseph” in the Olson back yard. It was made out of fish crates…big wooden boxes that fish were shipped in. We had to air out the boxes so they didn’t smell. I think Richard’s dad brought them home. We must have stacked the crates on top of one another. We had houses and a jail, we had a store. Our town got its name because someone had real fire department hats from the town of Joseph, Oregon (Ross Fogelquist). We got ahold of them and decided that would be the name of our town. The town was protected in the trees so it was used for several years…seems like we did anyway. We probably had a mayor and sheriff.

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