Spring 2014 News

  • Garden Home Remembers Our Veterans.
    May 17, 2014 from 1 to 4 pm at the Garden Home Recreation Center, 7475 SW Oleson Rd. Portland, Oregon Some 70 years ago, this young 2nd. Lt. Robert H. Strong (photo) spent a memorable morning in Garden Home as he parachuted safely to the ground while his King Cobra fighter plane crashed and burned. Some of you dashed over to the crash site to pick up souvenirs. Let me know if you were there. We’ll be telling this fascinating story with eye witnesses, military reports and early aviation experts. May 17 is Armed Forces Day and we’re inviting and honoring all of our Garden Home veterans. A Garden Home reunion of sorts! Photographs, compilers to record your Garden Home stories, refreshments, displays of Garden Home’s war efforts and more. All of our Garden Home families are invited. Children are invited to post their patriotic drawings on the wall; art supplies will be available. See Plane Crash.
  • People are enjoying our 2014 Historic Garden Home Calendar. March photos and stories feature the opening of Garden Home School in 1912. April features “Horse Play” with a wonderful photo of Mrs. Aaron Frank driving a hackney harness pony. In recognition of Spring’s arrival, the price has been reduced to $9.50 for calendars at Lamb’s Thriftway and the Garden Home Library. Calendars by mail may be ordered from our Treasurer Patsy Van deVenter, 7520 SW Ashdale Court, Portland, OR 97223. Make check payable to GHHP/Patsy Van deVenter for $7 per calendar. These calendars make a great gift for kids who have moved on or for new neighbors.
  • Vintage Garden Home photos on note cards: Use these interesting cards for your greetings and notes. They feature old homes, cattle, a well house, the baseball team, etc. Eight note cards for $10.
  • History Bulletin Board on the local Extension Study Group: We have featured Dr. Hetlesater’s family and will be putting up the new display on the local Extension Study Group. Oregon State University (Oregon College of Education) developed these groups in 1914 to improve our homes and women’s lives, particularly in rural areas. And the Study Group continues today! See Garden Home Extension Study Group.
  • Westgard (SW 87th) story is completed: Anne Olson did a great job with this big story, we’ve supplemented it with lots of photos including one of Tiki, the elephant who enjoyed a night on SW 87th Ave. See Westgard Ave.- SW 87th Avenue.
  • We are sad to note the passing of several of our early pioneers: Joyce Mapes, Lloyd Knudsen, Sharka Becvar and Stan Radovich. We’ll be developing a Remembering list of our residents who have passed on. Keep us posted.

About Us!

The Garden Home History Project records and preserves the History of this area. Historic Garden Home is a suburb southwest of Portland, Oregon and mostly contained in unincorporated Washington County. It extends roughly one mile out in each direction from the intersection of Garden Home Road and Oleson Road.

This non-profit organization is chaired by Elaine Shreve, 503-246-5879. Special thanks to our Advisory Group of dedicated volunteers.

We encourage you to send us your stories, photos or artifacts. We can scan photos and return them to you.

Join the Club!

Your donations and calendar sales provide our funds for signs, printing, research, postage and other costs. Our emails (and U.S. postage ) will keep you informed.

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Special thanks to Webmaster: Stan Houseman, local Broker, Realtor. HousemanHeritage.com

© 2014 Garden Home History Project. Our Garden Home History Project materials are used with permission of the related persons or organizations. All photos and documents are copyright. Please ask permission to use or reproduce any material. GardenHomeHistory@yahoo.com

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