Winter 2013 News

  • Just published! The 2014 Historic Garden Home Calendar. This third edition features historic events that changed Garden Home: Advent of the trains, the Post Office, the school, library, shopping center and much more! Vintage photos and wonderful memoirs and history.
  • Lillian and Olive Oleson, nurses in the first World War. They both graduated from Good Samaritan Hospital in 1915, the very early days of professional nursing.
  • Adventures on Westgard Avenue, now SW 87th south from Garden Home Road. Anne Olson has documented the families who lived on Westgard in the last early and mid-century complete with a log home built around 1900 and an elephant surprise story!
  • Continue to improve the website. Notice that a second click on People will produce a page listing all of the families for whom we have stories. Likewise under Places, we’ll soon have the list of all the places and subjects which we have researched. Thanks to Stan Houseman for his dedicated work as our webmaster.
  • Stop by the History Board H at the GH Recreation Center to enjoy the interesting story of the Dr. Hetlesater and his family who lived on Mayo. Their girls were in the 1911 and 1912 school photos. They also gave the property to the community church people for their first church in 1918.
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