Eickmeyer Red & White store on Greenburg Rd

Greenburg Red and White store

Red and White store on Greenburg Rd. Courtesy Larry Dauelsberg.

The railroad tracks of the early 1900s separated at Garden Home with one set of tracks going west to Beaverton and the other going south to Tigard and McMinnville. This Red & White store was at the Greenburg Station, on the east side of Greenburg at the intersection of Tiedeman and Greenburg. This all-purpose grocery and gas chain-store also sold train tickets and served as the station for the train going south to Tigard. Lawrence and Mabel Eickmeyer and their daughter Rose lived here in the 1920s and ran the store for 17 years. A similar store stood across from the train station in Garden Home and was often called the “Red Store.” The Eickmeyers later owned clothing stores in Tigard.  This information came from a chance meeting at Crescent Grove Cemetery with the Eickmeyer’s grandson Larry Dauelsberg.

The abandoned Greenburg house is still standing on the east side of Greenburg Road, just south of the Shilo Inn parking lot. The Greenburgs owned a number of properties in the area north of Tigard.

The store photo is courtesy of Larry Dauelsberg.

Greenburg: Tigardville Tigard: A History of Tigard by Mary Payne

By Elaine Shreve, 2011

Greenburg house (now abandoned)

The Greenburg house was torn down in 2014 with the expansion of the Washington Square Hotel.

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1 Response to Eickmeyer Red & White store on Greenburg Rd

  1. Janette Conway Kerbo says:

    We moved to North Dakota Street, about a block from the store in 1954. The store was then owned by Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, an older couple that retired and sold the store to the Weilers around 1960. The store also housed a small post office in the early 1960s.

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