Native American Heritage Month

The Washington County Board of Commissioners has proclaimed November 2020 as Native American Heritage Month in Washington County:

On Tuesday, November 3, the Board of Commissioners proclaimed November 2020 as Native American Heritage Month in Washington County.

The proclamation highlights the fact that the area currently known as Washington County, Oregon rests on land that was first inhabited by the Atfalati Kalapuyans, also called the Tualatin people, who flourished here for thousands of years. It references not only the cultures, traditions and accomplishments of Native Americans, but also “our nations’ history of colonialism that has inflicted discrimination, deprivation, violence and genocide upon indigenous people.”

The Board was honored to welcome several members of the Native American community who took part in the proclamation presentation, including County employee Sherry Kurk, tribal elder Celeste Whitewolf and drummer singer Harmony Paul. The proclamation was read by Hillsboro student and member of the Klamath Tribe, Ella Smith, along with Jenny Sanchez, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde.

The proclamation was developed in collaboration with renowned researcher, scholar and educator, Dr. David G. Lewis, PhD who is also a member and elder of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community. Following the reading of the proclamation, Dr. Lewis provided a virtual workshop to over 100 County employees on the history and heritage of the Atfalati Kalapuyan peoples.

See the Washington County website for more on how this decision was made and the actual proclamation (PDF).

Also see the This IS Kalapuyan Land virtual exhibit on the Five Oaks Museum website (formerly the Washington County Museum).

Our Garden Home History Board of Directors fully supports this proclamation.

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