September 9, 2019 Show and Tell event

We hosted a Show & Tell event on September 9, 2019. People were invited to bring something old to share with the group. Thank you to everyone!

  • Louise Cook Jones shared and donated some early Garden Home memorabilia from the 1950s including a wonderful colored Souvenir Program from the Alpenrose Country Fair, June 1966. These will go into our website story of Alpenrose. See our History of Alpenrose for more pictures of the Alpenrose program and gazette from 1966.
  • Jan Fredrickson showed us an interesting Pepsi 6 pac of vintage pop bottles, so different from our current cans.
  • Kevin Mistler showed the 1942 bus schedule showing 34 stops in Garden Home on a daily basis.
  • Virginia Vanture shared the horse saddlebags used by her physician grandfather way back when!
  • Stan Houseman brought one of the donated postal box doors with the fanciful brass décor. Thanks to Elizabeth Harding who donated two doors to the Garden Home History Project. They will be displayed in the glass cabinet in the Library. Please contact us if you are interested to purchase any more of these doors.
  • Don Krom graduated from BHS in 1961 and Garden Home Grade School in 1957. He shared his wonderful old scrapbook of the school and his memories.
  • Ray Heesaker taught at Garden Home School in 1967 under Don Dunbar. He recalled those days as a young teacher and then followed Don on to the next Beaverton school.
  • Elaine Shreve brought an original Morning Oregonian door knob and decorative doorplate. The building in Portland was demolished in 1951.
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