January 30, 2019 Move of the Historic Post Office Safe

Garden Home History was offered the historic safe from the old Garden Home Post Office location prior to the Post Office moving to its current location inside the Garden Home Market Place (formerly Lamb’s Thriftway). Huge, ugly, locked, no combination, 500+ pound block of painted iron, about 2 foot square and 3 foot tall on old steel wheels. We felt an obligation to find a home for this piece of our history.

Adam Martinez from the Garden Home Growlers offered a home for it, but we were at a loss on how to move a hunk of iron weighing over 500 pounds. Denny Parent answered a Nextdoor post from Stan. Denny owns a large crane truck! Tom and Stan coordinated the plan, Susan and I took photos, and my grandson Eric helped. We were all amazed with the arrival of this huge beautiful truck and our hero Denny Parent who managed the whole process perfectly. Friend Brian Fuller arrives at the store for broccoli, lends muscle to the final push and dashed back to his car for his floorjack, the last perfect tool to complete the job.

Come visit the safe at Garden Home Growlers, and have a cool one from the Growler!

We’d like to also thank Mike Babbitt of Garden Home Market Place and Shelly Bagley of the Old Market Pub & Brewery for their interest and support for finding a home for this historic Garden Home artifact.

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