Marlene Carol (Nance) Tufts, PhD obituary

Marlene Carol (Nance) Tufts, PhD, May 2, 1938 – November 8, 2018

Marlene Tufts, 80, passed away peacefully in the early morning of Nov. 8, 2018, at Autumn Hills Memory Care Center in Portland, with her daughter, Luann by her side.
Marlene was born in Albany, Ore., but her parents soon moved to Upper Darby, Penn. and finally to Sacramento, Calif. She went to Fruitridge Elementary School (K-8) where in 1951 she met her lifelong best friend Maryann Eeds. She graduated from C.K. McClatchy High School in 1956, attended Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa, and received her BA (1964) and MS (1968) from Sacramento State College. She received a PhD in Psychology from
the University of Hawaii in 1986. She was brilliant and erudite and a true scientist.
Marlene began teaching psychology at Clackamas Community College in September 1969 and retired in 1999. Her courses were among the most popular at the college and many of her students became dear friends. Some were so loyal they banded together to care for her so she could remain independent for as long as possible during her final illness in her Garden Home home where she lived for 50 years.

Marlene was a music and movie aficionado and an avid reader. She loved the outdoors and was a backpacker, hiker, river rafter and a serious birder. She traveled to every continent except Antarctica and preferred exploring third-world cities and countries over luxury tourist resorts. In her own words, she was a “lover of life and experiences, good wine and delicious food and exceptional men!” After retirement she took up yoga and enjoyed working in her yard, making it a home for native wildlife. She lived in her home until April of 2018.

Marlene is survived by her daughters, Jody and Luann (Lulu) Tufts; her granddaughter, Viori Tufts; her sister, Lillian Jevning (husband Les); her nephews, Joseph and Matthew Kennedy (wives Janell and Katia); her forme husband, Andy Tufts; and other members of a special group of lifelong family and friends, fondly named the E-Poo’s, who loved her fiercely and will never forget her, Erik Olsen (sons Gian and Jake), Tom Upchurch (children Diego, Windy and Monte), Les Jevning (children Derek, Marshall and Bridget), Richard Kennedy, Maryann Eeds (sons Jon and Joel Haddock), Marilyn Hughey, Kristin Harvey, Natalie Warrens, Jeanette Winkler and Jane Rickenbaugh. She was preceded in
death by her dearest friend, Joan Hughey in 2006. A festive memorial celebration for Marlene (Marlene Tufts – A Life Well Lived) will be held from Noon-3 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019, at the Gregory Forum at Clackamas Community College. Please join us if you considered Marlene your friend. Marlene was a long-term supporter of Oregon Public
Broadcasting and regularly watched Frontline, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, Nature, Doctor Who and PBS Newshour. In lieu of flowers, please consider becoming a member or donating to OPB.

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1 Response to Marlene Carol (Nance) Tufts, PhD obituary

  1. Mickey Mistler-Lindsay says:

    Sorry to hear this. Marlene lived next door to us and was always very kind to our son who would sometimes have to bring her mail that had been incorrectly delivered to us. She would always sit him down and give him cookies and milk.

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