Arranmore Development

The Arranmore development of family homes is entered off of Oleson Road just south of Vermont and  the Montclair Grade School at the west end of the Vermont.

The following is an excerpt from an excellent history of the development on the Arranmore home owner’s website.

The Arranmore home sites were developed in three phases.   The idea was conceived by W.C. Bauman, who on april 7th, 1958, purchased the majority of Arranmore acreage from Peter A. and Rosalie Gertsch (husband and wife).  Later, additional acreage was purchased from the Aaron M. Frank estate.  Interestingly though, the Frank property had originally been part of the Gertsch land.  Christian and Katie Gertsch (husband and wife) along with Peter and Rosalie Gertsch sold Aaron Frank a small section on July 6th, 1945. Thirteen years later the Gertsch property was back together as Arranmore.

For more information about the history of the Arranmore property, see the following stories on the Garden Home History website:

Shirley Gertsch Bartels on Peter and Pete Gertsch

Schools in Garden Home Area (see entry on Montclair Elementary)

Aaron Frank Farm

Aaron Frank home article in Sunset Magazine, 1929

Gerry Frank

Below is a gallery of photos from our collection relevant to the Arranmore area.

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