Log cabins of Garden Home

There are several log cabins in Garden Home:

  • Fogelbo (Foglequist residence) on SW Oleson Road
  • Stefanicgrimbso residence on SW Garden Home Road
  • George residence on SW 87th Avenue
  • Two on (or near) SW Florence Lane (which we have not yet investigated)

Fogelbo log cabin

Fogelbo is located at 8740 SW Oleson Road, nestled on a couple acres of mature trees, shrubs and flowers. It is called Fogelbo (bird nest) which is derived from the family name of Fogelquist. Henry Steiner built the log cabin in the late 1930s and it was purchased by the Fogelquists in 1952. Steiner worked on Timberline Lodge and built other well-known Steiner cabins on Mt. Hood.

Fogelbo has become a center of Swedish and Scandinavian culture and activities. The New Sweden Cultural Heritage Soceity is next door. The blue and yellow Swedish flag flies on the front flagpole. Washington County designated Fogelbo as a historical site in 1978.  Fogelbo has hosted hundreds of events over the years and thousands of people have enjoyed the home and hospitality and learned something about the Swedish culture.

Stefanicgrimbso log cabin

Melissa and Joshua Stefanicgrimsbo purchased property at 8550 SW Garden Home Road in 2009. They were told by the realtor that the original room was built in 1930 and additions made later. The original room is the log cabin made with 10” logs. The well-house out back still has the pumping equipment. The garage probably was a smallish barn. Mrs. Herzog, the former neighbor to the west, said this was the original farm home for the filbert orchard in this area. Another neighbor, Judy George, lives in a 1900 log cabin home on SW 87th Avenue.

Bob Feldman grew up in the 1940s on the Fanno Creek Dairy at SW 88th Avenue and SW Garden Home Road. He remembers:

In the 1930s, the log cabin at 8550 SW Garden Home Road was called the Hamilton place although Mr. Hamilton was commonly called “Snoose.”  He was a very large man and a musician playing the accordion and other instruments.

Bob thinks that a Brown family owned the land before that.

George log cabin

Judy George lives in the oldest house on the portion of 87th going south to Alden from Garden Home Road.  Judy agrees with the County records which state that the home was  built in 1900.  Judy understood that the original house was a one room log cabin, possibly her current dining room.  The walls in the living room are knotty pine which has, over time, darkened so beautifully.  A well-built fireplace is on one wall and a beautiful stovepipe flue cover is on the opposite wall, near the ceiling where it would be used for a cook stove or heating stove. The back porch bears witness to the log cabin construction of the house.  The logs were not peeled of their bark and the bark has slowly eroded over time.  The chinks between the logs are visible in the photographs.

The exterior of the home has been sided over.  Decorative faux log siding covers the north exterior wall.


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