SW Oleson Road Gardens update

See also our original story about the 2008 dedication of the Oleson Gardens.

The Garden Home Crossing Committee was formed in 1996 to create three “island” gardens at the busy intersection of Oleson and Garden Home Road.  Volunteers hung hanging baskets, installed irrigation, and planted daffodils and other plants.  Later, they began providing hanging baskets for the Garden Home Recreation Center. Terry Moore, the leader of our group, worked tirelessly with Washington County, local businesses, and gardeners to keep the “garden in Garden Home.”

In 2006 Washington County began plans for a major remodel of Oleson Road.  The Crossing Committee worked with the County to gain permission to plant gardens in some medians and in the right-of-way along the widened road, going from Hall Blvd north to Dover Street.  An impressive volunteer effort began—we designed nearly 14 areas, raised money for plants, irrigation, and thousands of daffodils.   In May 2008, the gardens were installed and are flourishing today.  In 2014, the group reorganized and became Garden Home Gardeners.  Volunteers continue to care for the garden beds, and hanging baskets— planting, weeding, pruning and watering to keep our Garden Home neighborhood beautiful.

Visit the Garden Home Gardener’s at  GardenHomeGardeners.weebly.com.

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2 Responses to SW Oleson Road Gardens update

  1. Ginny Mapes says:

    Very Nice Work!

    Ginny Mapes

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