Bulletin Board Stories

Our History Board at the Garden Home Recreation Center features a changing display of historic Garden Home stories. All of these stories can be found on our website.
Virginia Vanture created these boards for several years. Louise Cook Jones is now in charge, 2014.

#14 The Gardens of Garden Home

#13: Music and musicians in Garden Home, Church, Joe Dardis, Jim Bastien, others.

#12: Baseball and softball teams in Garden Home, Portland, and Alpenrose.

Ever since the playing fields appeared at the new Garden Home School in the early 1900s, ball players were there, with pick-up games, recess play, team and league events.
Baseball was very popular. Click to read more.

#11: Memorial board detailing the 1944 fighter plane crash here in Garden Home. The poster for the Armed Forces Day celebration where we took photos of our veterans and saw a slide show of “our” pilot who crashed here. Click to read more.

#10: Garden Home Extension Study Group: This group of local homemakers has been meeting for over 55 years to learn good home making practices and enjoy fellowship.

#9. Ross Fogelquist, Fogelbo.

#8. Dr. Hetlesater, tuberculosis treatment.

#7: Garden Home School information from the P.T.A. newsletters, Gazettes and student notes.

#6. 2012. Memorial board honoring some of our early residents and their histories: Ernie and Melba Cook, Dr. Hetlesater, Richard Stevens, Vivian Bosley, Peter Gertsch, Andreas and Magdelana Von Bergen, Charles and Musetta Amelia Adams, and the Morris Pallay family. The list of our generous donors and the street signs of Historic Garden Home that have been purchased in memory or in honor of friends or family was also displayed.

#5: Lamb’s Thriftway opened in 1957. Obituary for Forrest Lamb’s wife, Neva Lamb.

#4: History and photos of some of our early families: Gust Johnson, Ole Oleson, The Newton family, William Skyhar, Aaron Frank.

#3: 2011 and 2012: Resources for researching the history of your home. The Oleson family and their original home history was also displayed in addition to the Historic Designation of the home. (Compiling poster and photo of board with the Olesons.) (T/C)

#2: The Gertsch families and their early dairies were highlighted in our second History Board.

#1: 2010: Crescent Grove Cemetery was established in 1852 and is the oldest maintained cemetery in the Portland area. Many of the early pioneers in the Garden Home-Tigard area are buried there. We have provided several cemetery tours featuring our early residents and their histories.

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