Judy George

Judy George, 2014

Judy George, 2014

7625 SW 87th Avenue  (Westgard Ave.)

Judy lives in the oldest house on the portion of 87th going south to Alden from Garden Home Road.  Judy agrees with the County records which state that the home was  built in 1900.  Judy moved here in December of 1989.  She is known to the neighborhood as a compassionate lover of animals.  She shares her home with several cats, a Quaker parrot, and many representations of animals in miniatures and paintings.  Judy is holding Marmalade, her big tabby cat, in the photo.

Judy understood that the original house was a one room log cabin, possibly her current dining room.  The walls in the living room are knotty pine which has, over time, darkened so beautifully.  A well-built fireplace is on one wall and a beautiful stovepipe flue cover is on the opposite wall, near the ceiling where it would be used for a cook stove or heating stove. The back porch bears witness to the log cabin construction of the house.  The logs were not peeled of their bark and the bark has slowly eroded over time.  The chinks between the logs are visible in the photographs.

The exterior of the home has been sided over.  Decorative faux log siding covers the north exterior wall.  The home is currently pink but due for new paint this year.

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