Friendship Circle, 1970s

These members of the Garden Home Methodist Church in the 1970s are pictured in a special photo frame that Jan Pinniger is holding. Many had been members who were active in the “old church” when it was located on Garden Home Road at S.W. 71st from 1918 to 1961. This frame was given to Jan in appreciation of her leadership as chairwoman of the Friendship Circle of the church. The other Circle group was called the Helping Hands Circle. They were very productive with sewing projects and the annual Christmas Bazaar.

Elaine Shreve, Jan Pinniger holding photo frame of Friendship Circle.

Elaine Shreve, Jan Pinniger holding photo frame of Friendship Circle.

The people pictured in Jan’s frame are: 
1st row: Leonard and Maryetta Adams, Noel and Yvonne Morrill, Max and Claudia Webster, Julia Gilmore, Theresa Upchurch Williams and Don and Doreen Richardson.
2nd row: Lorraine Rinhart Moore, Ardella Couch, Bob and Eunice Randall, Ester Portow, Allen and Thelma Shirley.
3rd row: Gertrude Jones, Roy and Hazel Floyd, Orville and Jean Nilsen, Carol and Cathy Nilsen, Helen Somerton, Walt and Twildi Amen.
4th row: Marie Mistler, Mary Smith, Gladys Hamilton, Marjorie Spring, Harry and Jan Pinniger and family.
4th row: Ward, Jan, Cary and Brent Colvin, Lucille Strong, Ernilie Storrs, Evelyn Lewis, Isolda Steel, Helen Brownlow

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