Aug 16, 2013 Email

Hello Garden Home Friends – (4 photos) Just to update you on our Garden Home history. Virginia and I enjoyed meeting with Jan and Shirley Gertsch Bartels from Alabama. The GH Recreation Center has a new paint job inside and out. The trim color has been deep blue for years, now converting to black. The interior front hall has also been nicely redecorated. Drop in for a look. Take a moment to look at the History Bulletin Board that Virginia changes periodically. Now it highlights how some of our streets were named.

The shopping center has the two new businesses, a nice Thai Restaurant and a nail salon. In addition, Starbucks has stayed open during its extensive remodeling, in progress. Stan Houseman, our webmaster, will be adding a new story about Mike Dardis and his bandleader father Joe. Their former home on 78th has been for sale, a lovely large property. We’re also working with the Portland Planning Commission to get a large Historic Garden Home sign placed in G.H. I am writing our next calendar for 2014, on historic events in G.H. Your suggestions? Stan and I are reviewing our website to facilitate easier use. We are astounded as to the number of “hits” we receive. We’re glad you’re reading our wonderful stories. Please let us know your story!

Co-chairs: Elaine Shreve, 503-246-5879 Virginia Vanture 503-245-1511

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