Mollie Hougan Clark

My parents, Sivert and Gladys Hougan and I moved to Garden Home in 1941. My dad built the house we lived in at 7455 SW Alden St across the street from Powell’s Kennels. They boarded dogs. Our house is still standing. I went to Garden Home School all eight years…1945-1953. The Jacokes lived on Jaeger Ave which is now 74th. He was the Garden Home school custodian for many years. He was there the entire time I was at GH and then when I went on to high school. I knew Margaret Scherner, our neighbor, who was the post mistress for many years. I usually rode my bicycle or walked to the store on Garden Home Road and Oleson. My parents continued to live here until 1979.

Marugg’s Dairy was on Oleson Road about two blocks from 80th. They were there prior to 1941. What was important to me is that my mother was friends with Mrs. Marugg. They had five children and I was best friends with one of their kids who was in the 8th grade. I played at that dairy in the silo and hayloft. We’d jump off into the hay. I was five years old. Shirley and Stanley were 12 or 13 year old twins. My friend was Shirley. There were also Robert, Barbara and George. I came to school one afternoon with them and sat in their 8th grade class room. In the ‘50s they sold the dairy and moved to Washougal. Robert Marugg stayed in the (Garden Home) area…he was blind and sold brooms throughout Garden Home and the surrounding area. He was in this area for many years, selling brooms and other products. He had a route that he walked routinely so he was well known to the community.

My teachers at Garden Home School were Mrs. Whiteman, 1st grade, Miss Gillis in 5th or 6th, Phil McGriff 7th grade. Leonard Gustafson was my 8th grade teacher who eventually became principal. More than half of the kids who started first grade with me graduated as well with me. Wayne Thurman was principal all eight years I was at Garden Home School.

Dictated and approved by Mollie Hougan Clark, Nov. 2012.

Collected by Elaine Shreve, 2012

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