Don Sprague memoir

Don Sprague memoir dictated at the 2012 Garden Home Centennial

Don Sprague BHS 1966 as Santa Claus

Don Sprague BHS 1966 as Santa Claus

I enjoyed living here. Enjoyed the winters at school because we had recess in the gym, and the basement, played wall ball. I graduated in 1962…came in the 2nd grade. My dad went to the old school. My 8th grade teacher was Don Wakefield. He was a really good teacher and was very patient. I was very shy and withdrawn because I had warts on my hands and kids didn’t want to be with me.  But Mary Ellen Robinson was a very sweet student. She didn’t mind holding my hand when we were in the gym for dancing. She was Mormon so she couldn’t dance, but she would hold my hand. Most things were good…I worked in the cafeteria and got free lunches…also worked in the library doing book binding…the library was in the old building, along with some classrooms. I lived at 7717 SW Greenwood Dr.

Ed: Mormons do dance and the Arts are an important part of their church life.

Collected by Elaine Shreve

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