The Meeting Tree

A stranger came to the door one evening 20-plus years ago and asked if they could see the Meeting Tree in our backyard. It was the first time we had heard of it. Seems that the dairymen of the area would meet under the tree and talk about local issues and how to resolve them. 63rd Avenue was known as Lilac Lane in those days; long before the 50’s houses were built.

The tree is a very old maple. It had been supported with wires as it aged.  One limb the size of a regular tree broke off and dangled from those wires. A tree surgeon roped up and carefully removed it. A few years later, a family of raccoons took up residence, alerting us that the center of the tree was hollow.  In fact, the middle of the tree had rotted, putting the huge limbs in danger of falling on people and houses. We had the tree cut down, but saved the bottom 12 feet of trunk – we just couldn’t bear to remove it altogether. And now, new shoots have grown out of the base, like a very large vase of maple leaves. The tree seems to live on.

By Ben Jones, January 6, 2012

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