Mark and Leona Whitney and the Whitney Cannery, 1950-1976

Whitney’s Cannery – Canning operations – 1958 B

Whitney's Cannery - Canning operations - 1958

Whitney’s Cannery – customers preparing ingredients, CH Sugar boxes on table – 1958

Courtesy Shelly Bigley, Old Market Pub and Brewery

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3 Responses to Whitney’s Cannery – Canning operations – 1958 B

  1. Robert Day says:

    I believe that is Melba Cook on the right, middle lady. In 1965-66, after retuning from the Navy, I worked part time at Whitney’s Cannery. One of my jobs was mixing hot batches of sugar (50 lb. bags) syrup in a large vat and pouring it into the cans of fruit when they came down the line just before being sealed and going through the cooking bath. A fellow worker and I made wooden pallets for Mark Whitney that he used to stack the commercial canned fruit and large bins of pears covered with a tarp to ripen. I also remember going one time with Mark & Doug (son) to the Monastery in McMinnville to deliver several pallets of gallon cans of fruit and vegetables.
    Comments by Bob Day (GH resident 1943-59 & 2004-2015).

    • gardenhomehistoryproject says:


      • gardenhomehistoryproject says:

        As a high school student, our son John delivered flowers for Mrs. Whitney. In the pre-computer era, he would call us to say he was at a certain street in Milwaukie perhaps, “Where am I?” Elaine Shreve

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