Vlasta Becvar Barber


Vlasta Becvar at 1939 graduation with Garden Home School prinicipal Edward T. Taggart, May 18, 1939 crop

Courtesy Vlasta Becvar Barber

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1 Response to vlasta-becvar-at-1939-graduation-with-garden-home-school-prinicipal-edward-t-taggart-may-18-1939-crop

  1. Margaret E. Porth says:

    My dad went to Garden Home. His name was Jeff Shute. He would have graduated from the 8th grade in about 1941. My mom and dad communicated with Mr. Taggart for years. He and his wife even came to my wedding in 1981. My father-in-law attended Garden Home while he lived in foster care. Mr. Taggart remembered him.

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