February 2021 Update – Garden Home History Email

Hello Garden Home History Friends,

Thank you to all of you who have responded so nicely to our monthly Updates about Garden Home history. We depend on all of you for your stories and photos! We hope you’ll enjoy the following new stories.

February 14 Valentines Day and Oregon Statehood: Oregon officially became the 33rd state just 162 years ago in 1859! Here is a valentine postcard sent to Miss Vivian Tigard with the 1915 Garden Home postmark and simple address (courtesy Steve Bauer).

1915 Valentine's Day postcard to Vivian Tigard - front

1915 Valentine’s Day postcard to Vivian Tigard – front

1915 Valentine's Day postcard to Vivian Tigard - back

1915 Valentine’s Day postcard to Vivian Tigard – back

Steve Bauer sent us a second vintage postcard photo from Ebay, with a 1913 Garden Home postmark from Hillsdale depicting a train wreck. The writer tells Alfred:  “I was over there March 1st. I went over with 2 horses from here. I rode them, it took me about 3 days. I stopped a day with Uncle & Auntie. I might be up sometime next month or July. Best regards to you all.  Andrew” The train photo is marked PRN for Pacific Railway and Navigation Company. Thanks to Steve Bauer for the postcards.

1913 train wreck postcard - front

1913 train wreck postcard – front

1913 train wreck postcard - back

1913 train wreck postcard – back

Old Market Pub is now open for limited indoor dining in addition to the great plastic encased seating outdoors. One of the best outdoor spaces around! When you are inside, take a moment to find Garden Home History’s big vintage postal safe and historic photos from Colin Lamb’s Thriftway store. Visit the Old Market Pub website. Read more about the history of the Old Market Pub.

2021 Old Market Pub and Brewery outdoor seating

2021 Old Market Pub and Brewery outdoor seating

GardenHomeHistory.com website statistics: During January 2021, we had 1,045 visitors with 2,621 page views. During the year 2020, we had 11,149 visitors and 32,999 page views.  The most popular articles generally are our stories on:

Our popular story on Mollie Miles had 102 views just in January 2021. We suspect many of those visitors were actually looking for the Mollie Miles from the Ford vs. Ferrari motion picture. Our Mollie Miles lived over near the Portland Golf Club and has a most interesting story.

Mollie Miles - Oregonian obit

Mollie Miles from Garden Home is Internet-famous!

Discover Garden Home

Have you noticed the 5 flags flying at the Nordia House, 8800 SW Oleson Road? What specific countries do they represent? Take a selfie at the flags, and send it to us at GardenHomeHistory@gmail.com, and look for them here next month.

With the change in Covid regulations, the restaurant at Nordia House, Broder Söder, hopes to be open again on Feb. 15th, call to check, 503-977-0275.

Nordia House grand opening June 2015. Located on SW Oleson Rd near Fogelbo.

Help us find the funny, interesting, or historical places in Garden Home for drive-by or walk-by enjoyment to feature in Discover Garden Home. Take some photos and send them to us at GardenHomeHistory@gmail.com. Each month, we will publish a new Garden Home destination to discover!

Recent Events

Thanks to a generous donor, our special 10th Anniversary Gazette was printed and postal mailed to our entire list of subscribers. Thanks for the many nice comments about receiving this printed Gazette which was postal mailed to almost 400 families for whom we have home addresses. We print and mail our three or four Gazettes each year to those families who have paid an annual $10 for this service. All Gazettes are on our website under Newsletters.

To receive The Garden Home History Gazette and our Updates by email, send us an email at gardenhomehistory@gmail.com, and ask to receive it. It’s free! Or, you can subscribe to the printed editions of the Gazette by US Mail for $10 per year.

GHHP Gazette - December 2020 cover

GHHP Gazette – December 2020 (PDF)

New Housing Developments: You have probably noticed the two large housing developments on SW Garden Home Road. Both the Piper Ridge development at SW 87th Ave. and the Garden Home Estates between SW 81st Ave. and SW 78th Ave. will each have 9 new homes developed by Westwood Homes (plus the original homes on the respective lots). Both properties were previously large pastures with horses in the last century. Early Garden Home was platted with large lots for typical family needs such as a cow, chickens, fruit trees, pasture, and a garden.

Read more about Garden Home with hundreds of photos and stories at GardenHomeHistory.com. We love hearing your memories about Garden Home! Call us: Elaine Shreve at 503-246-5879 or Esta Mapes at 503-246-5758 or Stan Houseman at 503-679-3691. To unsubscribe, reply to GardenHomeHistory@gmail.com with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.

Stay safe and well,

Elaine Shreve

Elaine Shreve

Elaine Shreve

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